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Sunni Chen • 陈桑妮

Hello! Welcome to my website! This website is a creative outlet and personal portfolio of my photography and other projects I have done for work in graphic design, video editing, event planning, and social media marketing.

As a person with a passion for good design and social issues, I look for ways to incorporate both into my life and career. Over time, I’ve come to recognize how I can use my design skills to serve in areas that I am passionate about. 

To me, graphic design, art, alongside writing are all forms of communication, and to get people passionate and excited about what you believe in requires skillful and thoughtful communication. 

Despite having traveled to many places, I am currently based in Vancouver, BC.

P.S. Friends know me as Sarah. 

Let's connect! I would love to hear from you.

email: sunnichen@outlook.com  //  instagram: sunni_chen